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John (Max) McAllister

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07/19/09 09:21 PM #1    

Jennifer (Jan) Jansky (Dahlgaard) (1967)

I will never forget, "Only Got is perfect". He used the Reader's Digest for some of his tests. And German....that was quite an experience. May he rest in Peace.

09/07/09 09:58 PM #2    

Tracy Johannsen (1974)

How many of us remember "Mac" pounding his fist and repeating latin verbs and remembering "I never give an "A" in Latin" is with mixed emotion I remember his style but with nothing but affection I remember "Mac". He was the type of teacher my kids have never experienced but they are less rich for missing our Mac.....

10/02/09 11:54 AM #3    

Kelly Huso (1974)

I`ll always remember "Mac" rooting for the football team at one of the goalposts,standing at the guardrail at the east end of the gym during basketball games.I remember telling Jim Boltz during a game " Does he ever shutup ? ". In English we all remember him saying " I`ll grip you like you`ve never been gripped before ". I have very fond memories of that guy and we all know he is in heaven, probably cheering for Notre Dame and the Refiners. Godspeed Mac

01/01/10 02:52 AM #4    

Deni Lawrence (Pittman) (1967)

I remember asking "MAC" one morningafter English class
why I got a B on an assignment instead of an A that I
thought I richly deserved. His only comment was (with
a wide, toothy grin) Deni, if I were to give you the A
you'll quit trying and you are capable of achieving .
He was perhaps the best English teacher that ever was.

02/21/10 08:32 PM #5    

Darlene Grosser (McClearen) (1966)

I had Mr. McAllister for my freshman english he was fun I can remmber when we were to have a test we would get him talking about his past And because of his influance, to this day I still love American history about people. He was my favorite teacher in high school

07/08/10 06:55 AM #6    

Gail Linnell (1969)

Mr McAllister was one of the best teachers that I ever had.  I have him to thank for my good grammer.  Of all the teachers I had in high school, I remember him the most.

09/17/20 03:24 PM #7    

Thomas Anderson (Anderson) (1960)

A FB post put my memory bank in gear. Mr. McAllister was a tough teacher but I really liked him, somehow he got through to a coasting student in myself. Most memorable thing was an incident that happened involving myself, Dottie Aschim a pencil and draped jeans. I was the recipient of a pencil placed by Miss Aschim who was seated behind me, when I jumped and yelled "Dottie" I was promptly removed from my desk by my collar bone, pushed out the door and with my back against the lockers had "Mac's" index finger boring a hole in my chest with him telling me to never disrupt his class again! And I didn't! 

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