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01/31/14 09:26 AM #81    

Linda Carol Shure (Williams) (1968)

Did I hear the rumor right..? Is there going to be another reunion in 2014...?  Be sure to let me know ? I was so upset to have missed the last one... Keep me posted...?

01/31/14 11:52 AM #82    

Alan Gilchrist (1970)

I missed my 10-year reunion, and my 20-year reunion, and finally, this all-year reunion in 2010, as well... but that was because my son chose the previous weekend to get married across the continent, in Florida, and it just was not to be, that I be in two places at once.  C'est la vie.  So, if you have the chance to 'Play it again, Sam...' then 'Make it so...'

Retired, and disabled, today, I don't think I'll be able to do much, any more.  But it is a worthy thing, for everyone to seriously consider doing, again.  So, best of luck to everyone, and if you have the chance to attend... don't neglect it!

02/02/15 10:31 PM #83    

Carol Iverson (Sippel) (1980)

Hulo! Hulo!  (Just practicing my Hawaiian there. . . . )   Kudos to the folks who are putting together the 2016 reunion!  It's already on the calendar and I'm working on some of the "no-shows" from last time (like my hillbilly brother who can manage to travel to New Zealand and Iceland.)

02/03/15 10:51 AM #84    

Jennifer (Jan) Jansky (Dahlgaard) (1967)

Great new set up Korey!   It is on my calendar for 2016.  I think adding cards is great.  Just having a list of people willing to play would be helpful.  Nice way to spend time and visit with a smaller group.

Hope the people who came before show up and with us new ones maybe the town will swell to 2016!



02/04/15 11:16 AM #85    

Kay (Katie) Lawson-Gilfilen (1959)

Wow, this new reunion is ramping up fast.

I look forward to being there in July, 2016.

Who else is coming?

Katie (Kay) Lawson

02/04/15 11:39 AM #86    

Shannon Dunk (1985)

Korey & Crew,


Thanks so much for heading up the all school reunion set for July 2016.  The last one was such a great event.  I hope that the turnout will be great.  Thanks for all that you do.


Shannon Dunk

02/04/15 01:31 PM #87    


Joe White (1958)

Hey, Refiners!  Help!  The 1958 upheaval at NTCHS when Texaco moved 105 families away has resulted in a number of "missing" students.  I've noticed especially the abbreviated 1960 class roster.  In comparing Caprocks from 1957 and 1958 with our website, I count 15 students unlisted.  Since our intent is to include everyone who attended NTCHS, I seek your help in locating them. Three, I believe, have passed on:  Betty Aschim, Ona Roll, and Oliver Sonju.  The remaining "missing" are:  Sid Clarke, Dennis Dean, Stanley Evans, Gail Ganter, Karen Gillespie, Sharon Gillespie, Ida Hawkes, Doug Miner, Debbie Newmiller, Robert "Fig" Newton, Julie Salgren, and Leland Steinbrenner.  I suggest it is proper that we add these folks to the Class of 1960 roster.  And, let's all encourage any Refiners who have not yet registered or recently updated their profiles to do so.  The 2010 gathering was phenomenal.  Let's make 2016 even bigger!  Thanks!


Note added by Marv Alme, '61, on 5 Feb 2015

Thanks, as always, for the notes on missing members of the class of 60, Joe.

I've added them.

A major website function that  I (Marv Alme) am responsible for is posting obituaries.  Given the recent surge in website activity due to the 2016 reunion, I intend to put out a note in the near future asking for any inputs on obituaries, but I'll use this opportunity to ask for inputs as well.  In general it's easier to find material if the month, year, and residence is known to me.   It is especially useful to have the married name for female classmates.  If you send e-mail to the site webmaster it gets copied to me, or you can send it directly to my gmail address which is marv.223  [add the "at gmail dot com"]

02/05/15 09:23 AM #88    

Claude Evans (1954)


02/05/15 11:16 AM #89    


Vicki Anderson (1968)

Looking forward to 2016 reunion !!! Missed it in 2010 .. Updated my info so I'll get updates!!!  Thanks so much for all the work that goes into the planning!!! It's going to be great!!! 

02/06/15 10:15 AM #90    

Darlene Grosser (McClearen) (1966)

Looking forward to 2016 reunion went there my freshman and Sophmore years 62-63 63-64 didn't get to finish I am a Kevinite Thanks Darlene (Grosser) McClearen 

02/09/15 04:37 PM #91    

Ed Grogan (1960)

Hey, Joe....Thanks for your hard work in tracking down people who are not on any list.  I hate to bring it up, but how about Tracy?  Ed Grogan

02/10/15 05:40 PM #92    

Kay (Katie) Lawson-Gilfilen (1959)

Is it Debbie Newmiller or is it Delilah Newmiller who is on the missing list?  Delilah (sp) was in class of 1960, 1962 or 1963, I believe, and moved to Anacortes before graduation.  If I remember right.  I've often wondered where she is.

02/10/15 05:43 PM #93    

Kay (Katie) Lawson-Gilfilen (1959)

I meant Delilah Newmiller was in class of 1960 or 1961.

02/25/15 03:11 PM #94    

Sylvester Guszregan (1972)

Joe, Hello and thank you for your diligent work efforts and all those who have contributed to this endevor. I wanted to respond to a couple of statements made, first i agree with all i have that Jerry Sveum was a remarkable person, not only a gifted athlete but a true leader who showed both perfection and perseverance on and off the field of competition. I personally did not really get to know the true Jerry until after graduation when we wound up together in my car running around Cutbank. I had picked up some friends and one who was a georgus girl named Patti who convinced us to drive to east glacier. Well i had never seen Jerry talk so much in my life as he held a lengthly conversation with her. Patti told me later that he was a true gentleman and class act and that she really enjoyed our trip. The point is that it was then that i really saw what kind of man he was and what respect he commanded with his aura, which was just as natural as flowing water. This brings me to your comment to a Hall of Fame idea, i am all for it as to both the Nature, character and leadership skills that he and others who possessed these attributes be selected by however it is chosen to elect them.  I also want to say a comment about another remarkable man who lived his life on his own terms. Leo John Campanian was a man who i got to know quite well over the years in the early days in Montana to the many years in Alaska, he was a remarkable leader in our trade of drilling for oil and gas. I look back to many fond memories and rough yet unplesent ones, but for all that the good allways out weighed the bad and he always was there to help those who run onto bad luck. So to Bones his brother and his family i am truley sorry for your loss, i know he is on his horse riding in some of the greenest pastures looking at a Sunburst of a evening sky, smiling down upon us all. RIP LJ       Sylvester Guszregan   

03/23/15 03:53 PM #95    


Joe White (1958)

Thanks Mr. G.   Get ready for the next reunion!  I don't know that we can top the 2010 show, but we can give it a go.  I've personally reconsidered the Hall of Fame idea, and here's why.  I arrived at the 2010 All School Shindig intending to campaign hard for the Hall of Fame, but what I experienced that weekend caused a change of heart.  I saw, in all age groups, such incredible mutual respect, admiration, and genuine affection--LOVE among peers--that it was magical and awe-inspiring.  As I listened to old friends share memories, dreams, tragedies and triumphs, I realized my idea was simply too small.  Just as the mention of Jerry Sveum triggered thoughts of Leo John Campanian, other alumni were considering who they might nominate.  Truth is, old friend, everyone could and should be nominated by the time we finish the list.  I believe, in fact, both Jerry and Leo John would declare just being a Refiner is prize enough.   NTCHS is our Hall of Fame!    

03/24/15 02:30 PM #96    

Jorine Hornseth (Robinson) (1959)

Thumbs Up Joe!  I don't think individuals should be singled out, that defeats the purpose of a reunion in my opinion.

Jorine Hornseth Robinson


03/25/15 05:12 PM #97    

Ed Grogan (1960)

Joe, You are inspiring  Thanks for your thoughts.  Is there a place on this site where we can go to see a memorial list?  Ed

03/26/15 08:06 PM #98    


Clint Feehan (1971)

Thank you for all your hard work hoping to see everyone this time missed last time

03/27/15 11:03 AM #99    

Karyl Miner (Smith) (1961)

In regards to the missing list:  My brother lives in Spokane in an assisted living facility.

Karyl Miner Smith

03/30/15 06:31 PM #100    

Sylvester Guszregan (1972)

Hello Again Joe, Yes your words are full of wisdom, we will all remember the good times we shared with those we went to school with, but also those we continued a close association with. I believe as you do all who attented were special in thier own rights, but i must also say there were certain individuals that everyone of us found that held a respect only that person can attain or remember those times. So to all who left NTCHS in search of fame, fortune or just a better understanding of what life is about, it is good that we remember are humble start in the real world begin at NTCHS and the Faculty that worked on our grey matter to give us the tools to be a better citizen. So I say God Bless to the memories of those that shared with us a piece of thier lives. Well i went North to the Future but i have always rembered the my days on the plains of Montana. 

03/31/15 07:35 PM #101    


Clint Feehan (1971)

I am trying to get in  touch with Mike Richmond does anyone have his brother Rick's email?

Thank you in advance


04/01/15 10:44 AM #102    

Jeanne Holtz (Fairhurst) (1968)

Clint...  Mike's brother, Randy, lives in Sunburst.   Also, Randy's wife, Joni, has the Early Bird Coffee Shop in Sunburst.  Either one would be able to help you.  Jeanne Fairhurst

04/01/15 04:23 PM #103    

Susan Bozarth (Otto) (1973)

Hey Clint,  I have a number for Mike.  I just don't want to post it on the sight.  You can phone me at 406-450-3655.  Susan Bozarth Otto


02/04/16 04:41 PM #104    

Peter G. Stoltz (1959)

Hey Joe,

Last I knew, 15? years ago,  Stanley Evans lived in Great Falls.

Hello to everybody else for now and am looking forward to saying it in person in July.


02/05/16 06:45 AM #105    

Thomas Anderson (Anderson) (1960)

It's somewhat ironic that Pete posted about my brother in law, Stan Evans. Stan passed away early in the morning of February 3, 2016 from multiple medical complications. He and my sister Cathy have been living in Havre during the past year. Please add Stan and Cathy in your thoughts and prayers.

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