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Brad Haugen

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04/04/09 04:30 PM #1    

Tom Kimmet (1983)

Best band teacher I knew, hands down. He was very personal and took time out of his schedule when you needed him. He was patient enough my senior year to help me get an excellent at State Music Festival. RIP, Brad.

04/27/09 05:41 PM #2    

Carol Iverson (Sippel) (1980)

"Haugy" as we fondly referred to him would always take time to teach anyone interested in music. He spent the summer during my junior high years teaching me to play the sax so that I would be ready to join the band in the fall. In high school, he needed another tenor sax, so instead of asking our family to purchase one, he trusted me with his own. Some of my favorite memories include throwing clothing during "The Stripper," getting to play double forte when they stuffed all of us into a tiny office at the music festival, and being able to thank him during my graduation address. He also baked a mean double chocolate peanut bar. Thanks for the memories. . .

04/29/09 12:13 PM #3    

Adam Gottfried (1977)

Mr. Brad Haugen...My Mentor.

My favorite story of him was listening to the playback of our "Pep Band Concert" the following Monday at band class. Things started to fall apart a little during "Smoke On The Water". I had always been throwing in a little drum fill during that part anyway...and on tape, it sounded like "nothing wrong"! Brad shouted out an enthusiastic "THANK YOU ADAM!" I was "clueless" to what the "thank you" was for, until Mr. Haugen pointed out to me that my little drum fill had covered up some goof up's that would have otherwise sounded pretty rough without that little fill. I though that was cool of him. Mr. Haugen is truly missed.

04/30/09 08:41 AM #4    

Laura Hammer (Kessner) (1977)

Mr. Haugen survived my years in high school. Barb Johannsen and I had a special late lunch because of our schedules and he usually caught use doing something that we probably shouldn't be doing. Sorry Mr. Haugen for presorting your music and hiding the ones that we didn't want to play! Our band sounded great and we did have fun while learning!
Laura "Hammer" Kessner

05/07/09 02:02 PM #5    

Carol Peltier (Embree) (1983)

Wonderful, WONDERFUL memories of being "in the band" for all those years, the ball games, and Honor Band. I can remember like it was yesterday the drum solo from Wipe Out...We were AWESOME! Thank you Mr. Haugen for all your years of dedication. What an immense impact he had on so many young people...I am grateful for the the teaching and forever his student.

Carol Peltier-Embree

05/13/09 09:19 PM #6    

Carl Suta (1986)

Mr. Hougen was an awesome teacher and an awesome Customs Agent. You truly touched all of us, and will remain in our hearts forever. Finally, the angels are playing seventies hits on thier harps.

See you again one day,

Carl Suta

05/15/09 03:46 PM #7    

Kathy Gottfried (Johnson) (1974)

At the end of my senior year I remember a conversation I had with Mr. Haugen regarding music school. He told me not to let "them", (the professors, etc.) scare me off. Back in our day music wasn't an easy degree to obtain. It still isn't, but he knew how hard and stressful it could be.

I went to school, and boy I was glad for his advice. I kept at it for 2 years. Got married (coincidentally to a band director's son) dropped out, had a family and then returned to UM sixteen years later. I picked up where I'd left off. This time the attitude had softened, but it was still hard work.

My first teaching job was in Valier. Right away I got on the phone and asked Brad if he could come down and give me some pointers. I knew he hadn't taught for a while, but I respected him and knew he could help. The day we were to work together his daughter was ill and we were unable to reschedule.

My other memory was auditioning for All-State. I'd always submitted a choral tape, never a band tape. He wanted me to submit one in the worst way. I told him what if I got into both, I knew I'd go for the choir. I think he had more confidence in me than I had in myself.

Brad, you are missed. I bet you are playing that sax in heaven right now.


Kathy Gottfried Johnson

07/10/10 11:40 PM #8    

Pete Stoltz (1984)

When we were freshman, one of the first tasks we had to accomplish as a class was to select a class sponsor.  To be honest Haugen was not on the top of our list. I think we were intimidated a bit because a sucessful band teacher needs to be able to YELL and this dude had some pipes.  This is especially important for teaching a junior high band.

As it turned out Mr. Haugen was a great class sponsor, he was interested, organized and really cared about us all.  He gave us some good times and great advice through the years both as a sponser and as a teacher and he is greatly appreciated.

04/15/18 12:09 AM #9    

Jenna Haugen (2007)

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful memories of my dad. I've loved learning more about who he was before he was "Daddy." Pleae keep them coming!

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