Teri Lee Iverson

Profile Updated: May 23, 2009
Residing In: Sunburst, MT USA
Spouse/Partner: Gary Iverson
Children: Gary and I together have 8 kids and 15 grandkids.
Jacque Ostby, Kris Iverson, Mark Iverson, Anna More…Douglas, Melody Schock Dalland, Philip Iverson, Ericka Schock Dowd, Sonya Iverson
Yes! Attending Reunion

I came here as a new teacher in 1972, teaching p.e. and business. This was not a great experience for me at the time. I did coach girls basketball for two years and one or two years of track. Now, for the past 19 years (6 at high school), I coach volleyball. I planned to stay one year and now it is 37 years later. We spend a good deal of time at Echo Lake in Bigfork, Mt.and both Gary and I love to golf and be with the kids and grandkids.

School Story:

There were about 157 students in our school when I first came. I was unsure of the high school situation and would have preferred to only teach jr. high, but this is what was offered. I was and am still a klutz,,,I remember telling my advanced Jr. and Sr. p.e. class that "No, you cannot do p.e. without tennis shoes" then one day proceded to go up to hit a volleyball when I was shoeless and came down and broke my big toe...boot cast for 6 weeks and one chink in my teaching armor. The next one came a few days later when I was talking to the students in the bleachers and moving around on the walkway, and thinking that I was backing up to the scorekeepers bench, found as I went over backwards that I was backing up to a players bench....chink, chink, chink. One other time, I came back into town after midnight, and as I went under the viaduct, a car of high school boys pulled in behind me and would not let me go to my apartment. I ended up spending the night at my future in laws. Based on the "advice" of my fiance, I held them after study hall (all 4 of them), looked them in the eye and told them the next time they hassled me, they would be looking at the end of a 22 rifle or a 357, whichever came up off the floor first!! Imagine doing that now!! They never bothered me again, and I spent the next 20 some years waiting for the moms to come after me!! Ha. You know who you are, so I won't put names!! Chink, Chink, Chink!!