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Brad Lawerence - Class Of 1969

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Joe White (1958)

While I courted and wed his big sister, Deni, I came to love Brad Lawrence as much as my two flesh and blood brothers. He was fun. He was funny. Intensely competitive, he was fearless. He and Mike Johnson challenged my brother, Bert, and me to a thousand basketball games. The love was put aside each time--just for the duration--and every match was pure blood, sweat, and bruises. Neither team ever gained a decisive advantage, and the war continued for years. When each battle ended, we were all smiles--while we tipped a cold brew. Alumni football games were the same; we fought like Roman gladiators for two hours and left embracing one another.

We worked together and played together. We enjoyed each other's children. But I confess I envied Brad's quick popularity wherever we went. People just plain liked this guy instantly. I always came in second. Now I know it was because he showed genuine, immediate interest in them, while I stood back. I truly thank God that Brad was a part of my life. I'm glad his star shone so brightly--albeit too briefly. He will forever hold a special place in my heart.

No past tense, I love Brad Lawrence That he is gone doesn't change that a lick. More precious to me, I know he loves me, too. He told me so at our last visit. Typical Brad, comforting me even as he struggled against death.

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