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Clarence Atkinson - Class Of 1956

Clarence Atkinson, better known as Burge, was born 18 Sep 1937 and passed away Jul 10, 1984. He served two years in the U.S. Army. 

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Barry Atkinson (1969)

My brother Clarence, better known as Burge was born 18 Sep 1937 and passed away Jul 10, 1984. He served two years in the U.S. Army. I miss him very much, I can still remember Burge asking me after baby sitting for his kids, Henry(Pinky), Butch, Scooter, Terry, JO JO and Michelle if I had any trouble with getting them to stay in bed, I told him no they slept all the time, the truth was as soon as Burge and Mert left we all had a blast. I also broke more windows and lights in his place that I care to remember. He loved his family and we miss him so.

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Lewis Higinbotham (1958)

This memory is from the year that Burgie and Ronnie Linnell were juniors. They were the *cool guys* and called themselves the Lonesome Polecat Club since they were not going with any steady girlfriends. (Lonesome Polecat was a song from the funny movie that had recently been in town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.)

At one of those memorable Chuck Zadra and Margaret Christopherson school dances in the big classroom that had a openable divider making two rooms into one, Burgie took it upon himself to befriend me, a lowly freshman, and tell me all the facts of life about getting along in high school. Have no idea why he decided to take me under his wing that night, but he did.

Although his Lonesome Polecat reputation might make one think otherwise, Burgie was very wise in the ways of the ladies. His best advice to me that night, which I have remembered to this day, was - - -

*Never pass up a chance to wave at a pretty girl.* The explanation was that you never can tell when you might have a chance later to meet her, and she will remember that you waved at her so you'll have a better chance that she will go out with you.

This was on the general topic of how to have fun on basketball trips, tournament time and any other time one might happen to be in another town. But then he also informed me that it would work with a new girl who might have recently moved to Sunburst, or one from another town when her school was in Sunburst for a ball game.

I followed that advice regularly, and it has been sound advice. Later in life, while I was still a bachelor, I expanded his theory to include waving at all of them, to include some who might not be so pretty. My thoughts on this expansion turned on the idea that A.) they might have a pretty sister or roommate; and B.) some of the *not so pretty* at first glance turned out to be the nicest, smartest, best dancers, most fun to date. Encountered some who were camping fans or even a couple of fellow gun nuts and would never have met them had I restricted myself to only waving at those whom Burgie had recommended.

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