Shannon Dunk

Profile Updated: March 20, 2018
Class Year: 1985
Residing In: Sunburst, MT USA
Spouse/Partner: Ann Marie (Bebee) Dunk
Occupation: High School Social Studies & Health/P.E. teacher
Children: Braydon, born in 1996 (19), and Hayley born in 1997 (18).
Yes! Attending Reunion

I attended Northern Montana College in Havre, MT. after high school graduation. I majored in Broadfield Social Sciences and graduated from Northern(which is now MSU-Northern) in May of 1992. I coached junior high girl's basketball in the fall of 1992 in Sunburst ,and went to work at Americana Custom's Brokerage in Sweet Grass, MT in the fall of 1992 as well. I also was farming with my parents Richard (class of 1963) and Artha (class of 1965) at that time. I worked for the brokerage for about 1 and one half years, and it was during this time that I started dating my wife Annie. We married in July of 1993. After our honeymoon, I went into farming with my parents for the next 9 years. We have been living east of Sunburst the past 24 + years. Annie retired from teaching two years ago after 34 years. She is currently working for PM Quilting in Sunburst, Montana. I decided after 9 years of farming that I was going to put in for the high school social studies & health/P.E. position in Sunburst. I have been teaching since 2002. I coached junior high football for about 10 years in Sunburst. I have been the head volleyball coach at Sunburst High School the past 5 years and have had some competitive teams that have reached the divisional tournament, but were not able to advance to the state level from the tough Northern C division. I am currently in my 16th year of teaching at Sunburst High School. Braydon and Hayley both graduated from NTCHS in May of 2015. They both were involved in several extra curricular activities during their high school years. Hayley is living in Havre, Montana and is working at a Head Start Program. She is really enjoying it. Braydon is currently working for a neighbor on a farm , and really enjoys all of the hands on work. Annie and I continue to follow sports in the community and be active booster club members. Shannon also does some MOA (Montana Officials Association) basketball refereeing in the winter. Annie and I have been married 24 +years. We will become first time grand parents in early April as Hayley is expecting.

School Story:

I remember all of the great times that I had going to school in Sunburst. I thank the teachers that I had for the education that I received. I have many fond memories of high school, and I would rank breaking my collarbone during my Sophomore year of football as my most memorable. The break kept me out the entire season and limited me to the roll of "cameraman." I also remember band with Mr. Haugen, and how we would make him so mad that he would make us put our horns away and he would glare at us for the next 30 minutes or so. I have a lot of great memories of Mr. Swanson (Boss) and Mechanical Drawing as a Freshman. Every Friday he would come into the classroom and tell to "grab an end," it's Friday and you're going to have the big HURT!!" His meaning behind this was that it was Friday which meant a test and that each individual student should get to the end of the table because it was test time. The big hurt part of the story meant that there would be several D's or F's because his tests were tough. Another fun time was when Jeff Fauque, Dave Ryan and myself created a movie called Kung Fu Yu in Mr. Haugen's Audio/Visual class. This was a project that we spent creating commercials as well as some quality acting. Several of the people in the high school at the time had minor acting roles in the movie or in commercials. I also have a lot of football and basketball memories and thank my teammates for helping build these memories.

Attending 2016 All Class Reunion Tickets (07/01/16)


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Jan 29, 2016 at 7:02 AM

Hoping that many, if not all of my classmates can make it to the All-Class reunion on July 1 & 2, 2016. It should be a lot of fun. It has been awhile since I have run into many of you. Hope to see you in Sunburst in July 2016.

Nov 19, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Hoping to see many of you, if not all of you at the All-School reunion in 2016. I did not plan a 30 year reunion in hopes of seeing you at the All-School reunion in July of 2016. Hope all of you are doing well. Hope to see you in July 2016.