Sylvester Guszregan

Profile Updated: February 24, 2015
Class Year: 1972
Residing In: Palmer, AK USA
Spouse/Partner: Angela Guszregan
Children: I have three, Meghan, Shane & Elizabeth. My lovely wife has four, Michelle, Brittania, Adam & Ian.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I have been in Oil Well Drilling since graduation, learning alot of other trades also, carpentry, Operating heavy equipment and all that goes into the construction of a House/Buildng or a drilling rig from the base foundation up. Designing, drawing then constructing said items. I stay pretty busy staying creative in all that comes my way, usually helping alot of friends in there projects here in Alaska. Hunting, fishing and enjoying the beauty Alaska has shown me my many years here.

School Story:

Hogans Hero's was the Highlife. Watching the Positive emotions of Mr. McCallister at all the games and getting to know him at the end. He wanted me to be a Teacher. So much to ponder upon, so much to forget. When Mr. Schrameck had that lecture to us all, and had a flower passed around for all to hold and examine, then he made his point. He was a great man. He almost sent me and a few boys to the Boy's ranch for our stupidity, when i broke into the science lab and stole a stick of Phosphorous. Mr. Fauque was and is a amazing and paitent man, gave the gift to be more to alot of kids. Funny story is he let me and Bobby Caldwell go on a Fishing Trip in the interest of Science. Bobby's project was amazing even tho all the beer we drank and then wrecking my Dads truck cost me dearly. In the name of Science Bobby was a Tape worm hero.